WinningFROG (WFROG) Learn and Win Competition

As a parent, we need to prepare our kids to make their mark in this competitive world. For this, we need to enhance their skills and give them proper guidance.WFROG is constantly working hard for the overall development in kids. To help kids to enhance their competitive skills, WFROG is coming up with a unique… View Article

Importance of practical learning!

In today’s world where everything is so visual and interactive, then why in terms of education we don’t give much emphasis to practical learning? Just by reading something, one doesn’t understand how things work. For instance, if you want to learn to ride a bicycle, you would have to sit on the cycle and ride,… View Article

WinningFROG Workshops

WinningFROG (WFROG) has specially designed workshops for kids aged 6 to 14years based on various topics in Science, Mathematics, Geography, English, etc. WFROG also conducts non-educational workshops like painting, photography, drawing, etc. These workshops are a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. Recently, WFROG conducted three successful workshops based on Science and Mathematics in Moshi… View Article

WFROG_Rubik’s Cube Competition Feb 2020

We recently, organised a Rubik’s cube competition for kids between the ages of 7 years to 15 years, at Urja Studio Café, Wakad.And it was a spectacular event! Such an amazing talent! These kids were awesome and their fingers moved like magic. The best score was 26.58 seconds! Our little champs were so cool and… View Article

Science Fair Ideas for kids 5yrs – 15yrs

But do you know most of the science projects can be;  made from our daily household things, that are easily available at home and kids can easily relate to these items. For example, dish wash soap, eggs, baking soda, vinegar, lemon, potatoes, salt, food colour, cotton, etc. However, we don’t know the right combination and… View Article